Earn Quick Money For Part Time Work!
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Who We Are

We are real estate investors in the Tampa Bay Area and we are looking to expand or team! We buy, renovate, rent, and sell houses. We are constantly marketing for new properties and this program is one was we reach new people.

Have you ever seen those signs on the side of the road that say: “We Buy Houses”? Well that is what we do! Although they may look silly, we get a lot of phone calls from homeowners when they see out signs. 

Let’s Work Together!

The Program

Our program is simple, quick, and easy. Once your application is approved, these are the basics:

  1. Order your signs package.
  2. Your signs will arrive at your house within 1 week.
  3. Put the signs out.
  4. Submit the signs you put out through SimpleCrew.
  5. Get PAID through PayPal.

The program is a quick way to make money on the side with little work. Putting out a sign only take a quick minute, so your dollar per hour can be very high! Not bad for an easy gig!

Start Now!

All we really need from you is: a Positive Attitude, the ability to Follow Instructions Thoroughly, and a Little Spare Time.

If you fit the description, apply to join the team below and let’s get started working together!


Apply To Join The Team Now!

Earn $1.00 per sign that you put out. Get paid in a few business days. Pay nothing to join or order your signs!

See is there is a territory available near you!